AFM Food Machinery have long experience with Butter manufacture and processing. In the early 1970’s Alan Mann spent several years working with Kustner Freres in Geneva overseeing the Packaging program for Dairy products and the conversion to metric pack sizes in 1972. Following on from this period Alan built up a specialist engineering division in Wincanton dedicated to providing engineering solutions to process and packaging problems working with machinery produced by Benhil, Corazza, Gasti, Hamba and many others. Today we represent Simon Freres in the UK and have supplied many of the leading Dairy producers with process and packaging plant. This section shows equipment for Butter and Spread production. We welcome further contact if you have a particular interest.

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All stainless steel butter churns with stainless steel barrels. Sizes range from 100 Litres to 3,000 Litres

Butter churns with stainless steel barrels. 100 to 3,000 L capacities 100 to 3,000 L capacities.

Butter extruder for small scale manufacturing. ( 50 kgs / Hr ) Operator wraps butter by hand with pre cut film.

Continuous Butter makers from 200 to 12,000 Kgs / Hr


Butter Silos storage capacity from 1000 to 4500 Kgs


Mixer : Continuos mixing for food products 200 Kg/Hr up to 10 tonnes


Dynamic Heater/Crusher : Deep frozen products are crushed and progressively heated to +1C prior to pumping or second stage heating.


Bulk Packing of Butter : Pre - formed box filling system for pasty products 800 to 2000 Kg/Hr.


Butter packer : Fully rebuilt Benhil 8311.


High speed end fold Butter packer up to 220 ppm


Benhil portion machine type 8304 typical output 100 ppm

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