AFM Food Machinery can supply a range of equipment for the heat treatment and processing of Milk, Cream, Yoghurt, Juice and other products. According to the customers requirements we can build up a processing platform to include Pasteurisation, Separation, standardisation, Homogenisation, De-aeration as required. All plant is manufactured to the latest CE standards in consultation with our clients. The platform can be further extended to process products such as Butter and Cream to create a "mini" Dairy.

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10,000 LPH Milk pasteurisation line with separator and homogeniser

5,000 LPH Milk Processing line with facilities to skim and homogenise the milk. Cream is collected in a 500 litre tank included in the platform.

4500 LPH Pasterisation line for juice rated at 4500 LPH

Plate heat exchangers


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